Lost Sparrows Our current areas of focus

Women who give birth to a special needs child in Bulgaria, are often not given resources or encouragement to bring their infant home. We have listened to story after story, of parents encouraged to institutionalize their “broken” children. Our goal is to educate and support families so that they have the ability to bring home their babies. We desire to stop the flow of children into institutions, and allow families the opportunity to raise their children. We know that if we only supported orphanages and institutions, we would be continuing to support the flow of children into these dark places. Instead, we are working to keep children with their families, because every child deserves the love of a family, not the sterility of an institution.


Support for children and families with special needs children

Many children with special needs are not able to attend school and families struggle to find basic services and equipment for their children. Our goal is to provide families with tangible support for their children. This will be achieved through teachers, equipment and trainings. Eventually, we hope to provide a facility that gives access to free pre-school Montessori classes for children in Varna.

Medical Needs

Training, equipment and staff for the community health center and orphanages

Our goal is to provide yearly training and equipment to staff within orphanages. Medical care and equipment is dated, and special needs orphans often go without the very basic medical care. We are raising funds to support a community health center for pregnant women. This will help improve access to prenatal care and education, and also provide current physicians with improved methodology in birthing practices and infant resuscitation.

Israel’s Hope

Gifts from Israel

Every dollar from Israel's Hope, will go to providing equipment for children with mobility issues. Our son, Israel was adopted from an orphanage in Bulgaria. He uses a wheelchair to have a life filled with learning and fun. We want to provide Israel's friends the same opportunities. Our first project is raising $8000 for a children's center that does not have an elevator. Currently, families carry their children up three flights of concrete steps to receive basic therapies. They then return to the bottom floor, to carry their walkers or wheelchairs. Our hope is to provide an elevator. You can read about this project in detail here -

Please help us

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“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Jer. 29:11